About MicaJ.Smith

Fashion design began as an 'accidental love' for MicaJ (yes her first name is MicaJ), who as a child first developed a taste for fashion by creating custom outfits for her Barbie collection. Her love for fashion soon grew into an unique and compelling 'passion' that would eventually catapult her into the competitive world of womens fashion design. MicaJ's design interests are global, reflecting the city that she inhabits and works in: urban, edgy, culturally diverse and infused with sexy artistic inspiration. Her designs fuses traditional high fashion aesthetics with New World Hip Hop charm, resulting in breathtakingly unique wearable works of art.


Studying the intricacies of contemporary fashion through school and independent work and analysis, MicaJ draws upon the inspirations of everyday clothing meant to compliment women of all shapes and sizes. Her success as an amateur designer won her second place state wide recognition in the California Fashion Symposium in the After 5/Clubwear category with her "Signature" dress. MicaJ is definitely a rising star in the fashion community.


MicaJ's blend of influences and craft are distinctive and timeless, sexy and elegant. She is devoted to the development of a full featured fashion line that will span from elegant formal wear to sexy chic; from the board room to the bedroom. MicaJSmith wants every woman to look their best and feel sexy! Because when you feel great about what you're wearing, you're on top of the world! MJS, MicaJSmith, one of fashion designs fastest rising stars! Be sure to grab one of her original pieces; showcase your originality and your sexy!



            MJS in California Apparel News

              LA Fashion Week March 2017